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About Awellconnected

Now known as RedRawInternet which of course has been our SSID from day one.

We supply Internet services for ISP's Business and Home. Including: IP Transit Lease Lines Replacement utilising laser, fibre and microwave ADSL (Broadband) SDSL. VoIP telephone services Hosting Websites and Servers in our own Datacentres and of course our Wireless Internet and Hotspot Service

We have been here since the last century as one of the oldest companies in the field of Wireless Internet, more than twelve years, our expertise is renowned across the UK. We own and operate our own core network across various conventional datacentres, BT Exchanges, multiple ground and rooftop breakouts and POPs, utilising fibre, microwave and FSO (laser).

From Rural communities to government bodies, we assist them all in making informed decisions and linking them together and to the World

We can help you get the most out of the technology and put your service out in front of the rest.

We provide internet connections direct from our ever-expanding fibre and microwave network in urban and remote areas, between most Datacentres and our endless list of PoPs.

If you are a carrier, an ISP or a business with a critical requirement to link your offices with lit bandwidth or dark fibre, and extend into a community, or even a single user at home, we can usually help.

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