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The first ever e-mail contained "qwertyuiop"?  The inventors at AT&T couldn't think of anything to write, so they used the top row of the keyboard!  Now over 80% of the planet uses e-mail to communicate.  Everything from important orders, to reuniting long-lost relatives.

AwellConnected History

AwellConnected.Com was formed in 1999, exploring the emerging technologies that have since shaped the whole new era we find ourselves in.  The connected generation, constantly striving for more bandwidth and more connectivity in places never dreamed of before.  We have been on the cutting edge of wireless technology, helping to shape the future of Internet access.  Our specialist skills and expertise have put us at the forefront of the field.

We focus on bringing the Internet to areas that traditional wired Broadband has disappointed or the telephony operators deem not cost-effective.  We have built the ISP from the ground up as affordable for end users, so that our prices will remain low, unlike many introductory offers in the marketplace today.

If you cannot find what you are looking for on our website, please do not hesitate to e-mail us, or contact us by telephone.


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